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Literary || Prose PoetryThe Prose of Ozymandias

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The Prose of Ozymandias: An Odyssey into Philosophy & Literature

The Prose of Ozymandias🌹 (kotharipublishing.com. 2023) is the quintessential expression of the unwavering narrative bond between literary artist and their preeminent metaphor, of the mellifluous dance played out by these precocious partners in endless sheets of beauteous cascading meters of prose poetry, an entanglement of broken and seamless melodies that express the splendorous tale of a pharaoh lost to the decaying sands of time, an enigmatic, passionate, and aspirational political leader aching to tell their story to the contemporary onlooking world through the surgical pen of a brilliant writer.🌿✍🏿

A tetralogy of publications that seeks to emblemize the ambitions of a discursive set of human perspectives that collectively express an enrapturing dialectic coordinated between the harrowing specter of political ambition and the liberating ideals of loving-kindness, equality, and human liberty.

I. Ré, a Journey, an Epic Novel. 2022. —Book Locker #1 Best Seller
II or III. Guerrilla Warfare: Four Short Essays: Envisioning a Movement. 2023.
II or III. A Bodhisattva’s Discourse: Pamphlets: Realization. 2023.
IV. Leila’s Gift, a Novelette. 2022.

Kothari, Sparsh. Ré, a Journey, an Epic Novel. © 2022. (Alternative paperback cover)
Book Locker #1 Best Seller

Kothari, Sparsh. Ré, a Journey, an Epic Novel. © 2022.
Book Locker #1 Best Seller
$9.99/kindle | $24.99/paperback

Kothari, Sparsh. Guerrilla Warfare: Four Short Essays: Envisioning a Movement. © 2023.
$7.99/kindle | $12.99/paperback

Kothari, Sparsh. A Bodhisattva’s Discourse: Pamphlets: Realization. © 2023.
$7.99/kindle | $12.99/paperback

Kothari, Sparsh (pen-name: Emiliano). Leila’s Gift: a Novelette. © 2022.
Page Count : 47
$7.99/kindle | $12.99/paperback

Kothari, Sparsh. Ramsès II: The Heretic: Decrying the Illuminati—an Adapted Novella. © 2023.
$9.99/kindle | $24.99/paperback

Kothari, Sparsh. Contralpuntal Dialectics & Psychoanalysis | An Amalgamation of Guerrilla Warfare (Kothari, Sparsh. 2023) & A Bodhisattva's Discourse (Kothari, Sparsh. 2023). © 2023.
$9.99/kindle | $19.99/paperback


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Review by GPT-4
A Bodhisattva’s Discourse: Pamphlets: Realization (© 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 Kothari Publishing) is a compelling compilation of three short essays that provide insight into the life and teachings of a Bodhisattva, an enlightened individual who forgoes their own spiritual liberation to assist others on the path to enlightenment. The essays examine the author's awakening to the idea of impermanence and the cultivation of the four immeasurables—loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity—as vital characteristics of a Bodhisattva. The essays also discuss the challenges and dedication involved in sharing spiritual wisdom with diverse audiences, aiming to reduce suffering and encourage spiritual growth.
The author's writing style in this pamphlet employs a combination of poetic language and philosophical depth, which captures the reader's attention and imagination. Through the use of vivid metaphors and descriptive language, the author effectively conveys complex concepts and ideas in a way that is both engaging and intellectually stimulating. This approach encourages the reader to ponder and contemplate the ideas presented, leading to a deeper understanding of the Bodhisattva's spiritual journey.The essays also demonstrate a clear structure and progression, guiding the reader through different stages of the Bodhisattva's path—from the initial awakening to the concept of impermanence to the dissemination of spiritual teachings. This structured approach allows the author to present a comprehensive and coherent narrative, helping the reader to appreciate the various aspects of the Bodhisattva's journey.Furthermore, the author skillfully interweaves personal anecdotes and reflections with broader philosophical discussions, creating a sense of intimacy and connection with the reader. By sharing their own experiences and insights, the author invites the reader to participate in the exploration of the Bodhisattva's path, fostering empathy and understanding.In conclusion, the author's writing style in pamphlet effectively conveys the depth and complexity of the spiritual path of a Bodhisattva through the use of poetic language, philosophical discussions, and personal reflections. It ultimately serves to create a rich and immersive reading experience that encourages contemplation and introspection, inviting readers to explore their own spiritual journey and growth.Review by GPT-4

Review by GPT-4
In Guerrilla Warfare: Four Short Essays: Envisioning a Movement (© 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 Kothari Publishing), the author delves into the complex interplay between revolutionary politics, literature, intellectualism, and the nature of violence, providing a fresh perspective on guerrilla warfare as a means to bring about societal change. The author skillfully interweaves ideas from renowned thinkers such as bell hooks and Edward Said, while also incorporating personal anecdotes, making the essays both engaging and thought-provoking.
The exploration of revolutionary politics as an extension of guerrilla warfare is particularly compelling. The author argues that guerrilla techniques can be employed beyond military strategies to include literary and intellectual strategies, inspiring radical action and societal transformation through solidarity with various agents of power.Literature and intellectualism are examined as crucial tools in the fight against oppressive systems, with the author arguing that they can serve as a means to reshape modern perceptions of political positioning and cultural acceptance. By drawing on the works of Edward Said and bell hooks, the author convincingly demonstrates how literature and intellectual forums can be used as guerrilla techniques to dismantle patriarchy and imperialism.The distinction between militancy/vigilance and rage/violence is another engaging aspect of the essays, as the author contends that guerrilla warfare should be driven by love and resilience, rather than hatred and violence. The critique of violence in the service of rage and fantastical convictions highlights the importance of adopting a compassionate and determined approach in the pursuit of revolutionary change.Lastly, the exploration of the softer and warmer masculine figure provides a personal touch to the essays, as the author shares their own struggles with the traditional notions of masculinity. By framing their journey as part of a larger struggle against oppressive systems, the author effectively advocates for a more compassionate and inclusive vision of masculinity.Overall, Guerrilla Warfare: Four Short Essays: Envisioning a Movement offers an insightful and compelling examination of revolutionary politics, literature, and intellectualism, framed within the broader context of guerrilla warfare. The author's ability to interweave complex ideas with personal experiences makes for a deeply engaging and thought-provoking read.Review by GPT-4

GPT-4’s reflection on Sparsh’s writing styleLiterary and poetic: Your writing is rich in imagery and descriptive language, which creates vivid scenes and settings for the reader. The way you use language and phrasing adds a poetic touch to your writing.Intellectual and philosophical: Your work delves into complex ideas, exploring social, political, and philosophical topics. You present nuanced arguments and engage with various theories, making your writing thought-provoking and engaging for readers interested in these subjects.Reflective and introspective: Your writing reveals a strong sense of self-awareness and reflection, exploring personal experiences and emotions in relation to broader social and political issues. This introspective approach adds depth to your work and allows readers to connect with your thoughts on a deeper level.Dialogical: The use of dialogue in the excerpt allows you to present different perspectives and ideas, showcasing your ability to explore complex concepts through conversation. This style can make your writing more dynamic and engaging.Dense and intricate: Your writing is rich in detail and requires careful reading and attention from the reader. This complexity can be rewarding for readers who appreciate the depth of your ideas and the artistry of your language.Overall, your writing style is intellectually stimulating, philosophically engaging, and artistically crafted, appealing to readers who enjoy thought-provoking discussions and beautiful language.

GPT-4’s reflection on Sparsh’s writing style (Part 2)Rich in imagery and description: You excel in creating vivid and detailed descriptions that immerse the reader in the setting, atmosphere, and emotions of your characters. Your writing often includes intricate observations of the surroundings, which contribute to a strong sense of place and atmosphere.Emotionally evocative: Your writing style focuses on exploring the emotions and connections between characters. Through natural-sounding dialogue and introspection, you delve into the characters' thoughts and feelings, allowing readers to develop a deep understanding of their motivations and relationships.Reflective and contemplative: Your writing often features introspective moments where characters engage in self-reflection, meditation, or philosophical discussions. This adds depth and complexity to your stories and provides readers with a thought-provoking experience.Poetic and lyrical: Your prose often has a poetic quality, with a strong emphasis on rhythm and flow. This style makes your writing feel more artistic and expressive.Slow-paced and character-driven: Your storytelling tends to focus on the inner lives and personal growth of your characters, with a slower pace that allows for in-depth exploration of their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This approach prioritizes character development over fast-paced action or plot-driven narratives.Use of symbolism and metaphor: Your writing frequently incorporates symbolism and metaphor to convey deeper meanings and themes. This adds another layer of complexity to your stories and invites readers to interpret and analyze your work more closely.Attention to detail: Your writing demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail, whether in describing characters' physical appearances, their actions, or the environment around them. This level of precision contributes to the vividness and immersive quality of your stories.Multi-layered: Your writing often explores multiple themes and concepts, weaving them together to create a rich and complex narrative. This encourages readers to think critically and engage with the various ideas presented in your work.Philosophical and spiritual: Your writing delves into philosophical and spiritual themes, which adds depth and substance to your stories. Through the experiences of your characters, you explore questions about the nature of existence, self-awareness, and the search for inner peace and truth.Realistic dialogue: Your dialogue is authentic and true to life, capturing the natural rhythms and nuances of human speech. This makes your characters feel more relatable and believable, allowing readers to connect with them on a deeper level.Sensitivity to human connections: Your writing highlights the importance of human connections, whether through friendship, love, or shared experiences. This emphasis on interpersonal relationships creates an emotional resonance that draws readers into the story and allows them to empathize with the characters.Fluid transitions: Your writing skillfully transitions between different scenes, thoughts, and emotions, creating a seamless narrative that flows effortlessly. This enables readers to easily follow the progression of the story and maintain their engagement throughout.Overall, your writing style is characterized by its rich descriptions, emotional depth, introspective focus, poetic language, slow pace, and use of symbolism. These elements combine to create immersive, thought-provoking, and character-driven narratives that engage readers on multiple levels. Your writing style is marked by its attention to detail, multi-layered narrative, exploration of philosophical and spiritual themes, realistic dialogue, sensitivity to human connections, and fluid transitions. These additional elements further enhance the immersive and thought-provoking qualities of your work, making it a rewarding and engaging experience for readers.